Duniya Guru Lahori Video HD

Video: Duniya Guru Lahori Video HD

Duniya Guru Lahori Video HD Punjabi.

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Guru Lahori

Music Baaj Beats
Label DesiHipHop TV
Category Punjabi

Guru Lahori | Duniya | Latest Punjabi Rap Song 2016 | Desi Hip Hop Inc
Track – Duniya
Artist – Guru Lahori
Mixed and Mastered by: Baaj Beats
Directed and Edited by: Bhavesh Chauhan
Camera Assistant: Tesh Guttikonda

Duniya se tang mein
Duniya mein band mein
Yahan saans ki hai kamee
Hum cuffan mein
Hum mein na hum hai
Akelay sub hain
Agar faiday ki ho baat
Sab tab hain
Kia karain hum, khud se hain laray hum
Afat nai aye, to kalma na parain hum
Kia karain hum, khud se hain daray hum
Auron ko choro, dushman hum khud ke hum
Insaan to insaan – karay ghalti
Bewakoof woh – tauba na karay jaldi
Haewan yeh insaan – dekho dar gai
Duniya mein aai – kaisi ghalti yeh kar gai
Dekho girtay sitaray
Kuriyan ton pucho
Behtar janain un ke bare
Na koi miltay saharay
Sumandar mein doobay
Ko mil jain kinaaray
Aksar yeh hotay hain
Apnay humaray
Apnay hee aap mein
Gum hum hain saray
In se na pucho – sub yeh us ke hawalay
Duniya se tang, Rab yeh dunia bacha lae

Translated Lyrics:
Fed up of this world
Stuck in this world
There’s no air
We’re in our coffins
There’s no “us” in us
Everyone’s for themselves
If there’s a personal benefit
Then everyone appears
What should we do? There’s an internal fight
If there’s no disaster, we don’t pray
What should we do? We’re scared of ourselves
Forget others, we’re our own enemies
Humans are humans, we make mistakes
Stupid are those that don’t repent
Humans are animals – she got scared
She came in this world – what mistake has she made?
Look at the falling stars
Ask girls about them
They know better
Neither do you find support
May a drowning person
Find the shore
Usually they are
Our own
In ourselves
We are lost
Do not ask them – it’s all up to Him
Tired of this world, God save it.
New Punjabi Full HD Video Song – Duniya By Guru Lahori. Music Directed By Baaj Beats. Duniya Lyrics Written by Array . Youtube Channel DesiHipHop TV

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