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Video: Beautiful To Me Zack Knight Video HD

Beautiful To Me Zack Knight Video HD Hindi.

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VideoBeautiful To Me

Zack Knight

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Beautiful To Me Zack Knight Full Song Video New Hindi Video Song 2020 HD

Beautiful To Me Song Lyrics

tujhse jab se mila
korne laga
meh tere aadow mein
tere hawa main

tune sab se chura
dil meh jaga
diya ehsaas
cause you held it down for me from the start

Girl I jus wish you could see
Just how much you mean to me
All of these women are fiends
They dont mean s***
They got nothin on you

You were the one that I need
You were the real MVP
But every time I try to tell you what I mean
girl you dont see

tere husan te marda nahi, nahi meh
Till you keep it loyal
Keep it 100 for me yeh
tenu pyaar me karda, karda nahi meh
But when you hold it down girl
thats whats beautiful to me
That’s beautiful 2 me
When you keep it loyal
keep it 100 for me
Ohh That what beautiful 2 me
Beautiful 2 me

She can have the baddest frame
She could have the thinnest waist
But that dont mean shh na na
If she switching lanes on ya

She could have the ass she could have it all
She could have the lips and the confidence
But That dont mean nothing
If she aint around
When the money stops coming
Nah nah

But you know that im gonna fall for u
You know there aint no substitute
You know I wrote this song for you
so that I can remind you


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