Ab Dilli Dur Nahin Movie 2023 Trailer HD

Video: Ab Dilli Dur Nahin Movie 2023 Trailer HD

Ab Dilli Dur Nahin Movie 2023 Trailer HD Bollywood Hindi Movie Trailers 2024.

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Movie Ab Dilli Dur Nahin

Kamal Chandra

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Ab Dilli Dur Nahin Movie 2023 Trailer Trailer Video 2023

Watch the official trailer for ‘AB DILLI DUR NAHIN’ the story of a small town boy who makes his way to the capital city to fulfill the dreams of his family, embarking on a journey filled with hardships, deceit and silent love!
Witness this incredible journey inspired by the life of a real IAS officer!

AB DILLI DUR NAHIN is a social drama that follows the journey of a naive boy Abhay Shukla from a small town in Bihar who comes to Delhi in hopes of cracking the IAS exams. Starring Imran Zahid and Shruti Sodhi in lead roles, the film depicts the raw reality of the struggles faced by simple people in complex cities!

AB DILLI DUR NAHIN, featuring the legendary producer-director Mahesh Bhatt in a supporting role, is being produced by Shining Sun Studios & Moonlight Films & Theatre Studios and Being presented by Success Guru AK Mishra, the film has been directed by director Kamal Chandra and penned by journalism maestro Dinesh Gautam.